Naked 100 Salt Melon Nic E-liquid


NKD 100 salt melon is a tropical blend of tangy pineapple, rich cantaloupe, and smooth honeydew with a hint of menthol. This refreshing exotic fruit blend will dazzle your taste buds leaving you refreshed on every puff.

NKD 100 Salt is specially formulated for closed vapor devices and pod systems. With a higher nicotine strength and more absorption, this is the perfect solution for MTL vapers and pod mod enthusiasts!


Naked 100 salt melon e-juice is a tropical refreshment of sweet cantaloupe and ripe honeydew with a cool menthol bath. As you inhale the sweet fruit infused with ice cool menthol, you’ll experience an exciting rush of flavor that invigorates every taste bud and soothes your throat beyond belief!

On the exhale, a cooling menthol breeze will refresh your entire mouth. Naked 100 salt melon e-liquid is the best melon vape juice you can find!

In fact, it is one of the most popular melon flavors in the Naked 100 line. It combines sweet cantaloupe and ripe fruit with a chilling menthol for a refreshing vaping sensation that will keep you coming back for more.

The NKD 100 Salt collection is made with a higher concentration of nicotine salt than their freebase e-liquids, intended for pod systems or closed vapor devices only. Naked 100 salt e-juices contain significantly higher levels of nicotine per milliliter, making them perfect for MTL vapers and those looking to crush their cravings without feeling harshness or a harsh throat hit.


Melon by naked 100 salt e liquid is a delicious blend of succulent cantaloupe, sweet honeydew and Hawaiian pineapples with a hint of menthol. This tropical refreshment of a summer day will have you feeling refreshed and energized after every puff.

On the inhale, you will experience the creamy and tangy taste of cantaloupe as well as the sweet and crisp honeydew flavor. On the exhale, you will be greeted by the coolness of menthol and a breeze that will have you wanting to vape more.

The NKD 100 salt line is a series of nicotine salt e-liquids that are designed specifically for pod devices. These nic salts have significantly higher levels of nicotine per milliliter.

NKD 100 is one of the best brands in the industry and their salt e-liquids are made with premium ingredients. They are available in 30ml bottles with two different nicotine strengths, 35mg and 50mg.

Throat Hit

If you’re looking for a premium melon vape juice that offers a smooth and satisfying throat hit, then naked 100 salt melon is the perfect choice. It’s a delightful blend of sweet and juicy watermelon, tangy honeydew, and ripe cantaloupe, all blended into Naked 100’s famous signature smoothie yogurt flavor for a deliciously fruity experience.

This NKD 100 Salt e-liquid delivers a balanced throat hit with a blend of 50/50 VG/PG. Its refreshing melon flavor is a great fit for both beginners and more experienced vapers alike!

Naked 100 salt e-liquids are specially made with nicotine salts, which produce a more smooth throat hit than freebase nicotine. These nic salts are meant to be used with pod systems and low wattage devices, enabling you to get a high nicotine buzz without the harshness of standard e-liquids.

The Naked 100 line is renowned for their incredible blends of flavor, and they also offer a variety of nicotine strengths to cater to all your needs. Their salt nic series is no exception, and you can even choose from a range of bold nicotine options that deliver a more powerful throat hit than 35mg or 50mg.


Melon by naked 100 salt is a tropical, icy blend of tangy pineapples, crisp honeydew and sweet cantaloupe with an exhale of cool menthol. This melon e-liquid is a must try for anyone who likes fruity, refreshing nic salts.

Naked 100 is one of the most renowned brands in the nicotine salt vape juice industry. Their line of salt nicotine e-liquids are designed for pod systems and provide a smoother experience than traditional nicotine e-juice formulations.

Their spouts are thinner than some other nicotine salt e-liquids, which makes it easier to fill your pod mods and avoid the need for extra coils. They also have a higher nicotine strength for those who prefer it and want to enjoy a more satisfying, yet still powerful, vaping experience.

Naked 100 combines sweet and sour flavors into some amazing fruity blends for a truly memorable experience. They are expertly crafted, so you can be sure to get a flavor that will hit all the right notes with each puff.

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