Bomb Lux 2800 Puffs Disposable Vape – Exotic Fruit


If you’re looking for a disposable vape pod that delivers the best flavor and a battery that lasts for days before it needs to be replaced, Bomb LUX is one of the best options out there.

It’s powered by a 1200mah battery and comes with a 6.5ml pre-filled disposable pod filled with tasty e-juice. It has 18 mouthwatering flavors and will last you up to 2800 puffs!

Apple Peach

The Apple Peach flavor is a delicious blend of succulent apples and tropical peaches that makes every puff worth it. It is a perfect choice for those who love a fruity e-liquid with a cool minty effect. It will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation, every time you take a drag!

The LUX disposable vape pod is a great value for money, especially given its long-lasting battery and 18 mouthwatering flavors. Its 6.5ml pre-filled pod can last for several hours of uninterrupted vaping. Moreover, the 1200 mAh battery can last for days before it needs to be replaced. This is one of the most affordable disposable vaporizers out there and a great addition to your vaping kit. Try it out today!

Minty Cool

A platter of the most nectarous ingredients, Bomb LUX Exotic Fruits is ambrosial with delicious passion fruit and guava notes at the heart, and pink grapefruit adding a sweet richness to this complex blend. The vape e-juice is also refreshing and pleasantly cool making it the perfect choice for summer days.

Bomb LUX disposable pods come with a 1200 mAh battery and 6.5 ml of pre-filled vape juice that makes each puff worth it. They have a smart design that lasts up to 2800+ puffs and come in 18 mouthwatering flavors. They are also available in packs at wholesale making them more accessible to people who want to try them out. This is one of the most popular and efficient disposable e-cigarettes in the market.

Refreshing Melons

The refreshing melons flavor of Bomb LUX Exotic Fruits combines tart apples, peach nectar and grapefruit with creamy melon for a tropical medley that you won’t want to miss. With a hint of mint to bring it all together, this sweet and satisfying blend is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Melons are a delicious and popular treat during the summer months when they’re in season. You can find them at your local farmer’s market and in grocery stores.


The Unicorn flavor is a delicious and unique blend of strawberries and milk flavors that give a luxurious feel to the vaper. It is also a great option for those who are looking for a softer throat hit. This flavor is one of the most popular choices amongst vapers and they are available in a variety of different e-liquids. These disposable pods are great for long-term use as they can last for days before the battery needs to be replaced, making them a great option for anyone looking to make the switch from cigarettes.

Disposable e-cigarettes are becoming more popular than ever. They have many flavors, are more affordable than traditional e-cigarettes, and are easy to travel with, making them a great option for any smoker looking to switch from regular cigarettes.

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